Problems with the Front-Yard Parking Postage Meter

PROBLEMS WITH THE FRONT-YARD PARKING POSTAGE METER Houston’s opt-in-only front-yard parking ban, which goes into effect next week, is already proving popular with neighborhood groups — but expensive. “The current application requires civic clubs to pay for first-class mailings to every property owner that would fall under the parking ban. ‘We’re seeing whole neighborhoods come in (to apply), like 5,000 residences,’ said Planning Department spokeswoman Suzy Hartgrove. ‘We underestimated the magnitude of the interest in the program. We weren’t fully budgeted for this, and this was a way for neighborhoods to share the cost.’ . . . Sharpstown, for example, has more than 6,800 homes. Informing all the owners through a first-class mailing would cost at least $3,000. Milton Winebrenner, the Sharpstown Civic Association president, said he is asking the city to allow them to do a bulk-rate mailing. Other neighborhood leaders want to know why they cannot use their regular homeowner association newsletter to inform residents.” Or hey, why not just use Swamplot? We’ll post keep-off-your-lawn notices for free! [Houston Chronicle; previously in Swamplot]

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  • Yeah.. there’s a guy down the street from me in the Heights who parks on his front lawn.. I guess that is what keep the Heights quirky and eclectic.! Therefore we shouldn’t ban parking in front lawns..


  • I had a neighbor (A police officer) park in his front yard. I asked him when he was going to add the broken down refrigerator to the collection. He’s never done it again.

  • When I was a kid we parked three and sometimes four cars in the front yard at all times. Mind you we had paved it first. It didn’t make me a bad person then and it doesn’t now. This is real life not Disneyland.

  • When I lived in Santa Rosa (Houston/Gulfgate, not CA), tons of folks did it. Some did because they didn’t have room in the single-wide driveway/out front on the street to park the 586396 cars for the 26845767 people living in the 1,200 sq ft house, but most appeared to out of pure laziness/proximity to the front door (room out front on the street).

  • No Jimbo, it doesn’t make you a bad person anymore than my sister’s leaving junk on her driveway for two years does. I still love her, just wouldn’t want to be trying to sell the house next to her.

  • Good point. I like to think we were pretty concientious about it in terms of paving and parking neatly but I’m sure in hindsight that it looked pretty bad.

  • I don’t know why, but the paving makes all the difference. I guess it just looks more orderly.