Restaurant Recycling: Molina’s Comes Back to West U, Greatfull Taco Takeover

There’ll be a West-U-ish Molina’s Cantina location for the first time in 3 years — once the Tex-Mex chain opens up its new digs in one of the spaces left after the twin Terlingua Texas Border Cafe flameouts in March. Molina’s will go into Terlingua’s Braes Heights Shopping Center space on Bellaire near Stella Link. The last West U Molina’s, on Buffalo Speedway, closed down 3 years ago to make way for H-E-B’s Buffalo Market.

In other on-the-ashes-of-failed-restaurants news, the former Sabetta Cafe space at 2411 South Shepherd near Fairview is now the home of recently opened performance-art venue Greatfull Taco.

Photo of future Molina’s Cantina location, 3801 Bellaire Blvd.: West University Examiner

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  • Greatfull or Grateful? Your call.

  • It’s at the corner of Braes & Bellaire. Believe it or not, this used to be an Eckerd’s. This may actually be physically located in the City of Southside Place.

  • Is that the new taco place that does not give coin change if your bill is over 44 cents?

  • This place is so discusting first i talk to a manager named natasha the poor girl had a horriable attitude to top that off me and my friend were outside and i see someone scopping a rat inside a dust pan not even 4 ft away from us how is this place good taste i give it a thumbs down