Roger Clemens’s Son To Open a Rice Military Sports Bar Named in Honor of Roger Clemens

The son of Sugar Land Skeeters ace and former Astros hurler Roger Clemens is renovating a tapas bar into a house of “sports and spirits” that’ll be called Katch 22. That’s Katch with a K — for strikeout, if you’re scoring at home. Renovations are already underway at the former Convivio space here at 700 Durham in Rice Military. Kody Kory Clemens, reports Eater Houston’s Eric Sandler, will be Katch 22’s executive chef; he studied at Le Cordon Bleu and met co-proprietor Luke Mandola while working at Ragin’ Cajun. Sandler adds that though there will be 11 screens here showing ball games, the owners stress that Katch 22 is not a sports bar. Either way, it’s expected to open in May.

Photo: Allyn West

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  • I wonder the Katch is also a reference to the son. Didn’t he play catcher?

  • Kory with an “r” is going to be the chef. Kody with a “d” is still in high school, I think. Koby with “b” is still trying to make a go of it in minor leagues.

  • @Old School: You’re right. Thanks for katching that.

  • Hope he has better taste than his father.

  • Isn’t that Brunner, not Rice Military?

  • Do you want steroids with that burger?

  • katchy name

  • I hope it’s more successful than the restaurants that have previously tried to inhabit this spot. I can’t remember what was there before Table Seven, but neither Table Seven nor Convivio were very good or popular.

  • I’m going to change my name.

  • Just for anyone who goes to this house of “sports and spirits” to get a beer and watch one of the 11 screens there showing ball games, just remember it is NOT A SPORTS BAR!!

  • Ate lunch there yesterday for the first time. Let me say, Kory can kook! Man, the food was surprisingly excellent. A little too pricey so I’m hoping they adjust that a bit, but I’ll still go back regularly because the food really was that great. Definitely should be described as a family restaurant instead of a bar. Bars don’t have food on this level of quality. Nicely done.