Rounding Up Virginia and Ohio Workers, Sending Them to North Houston

ROUNDING UP VIRGINIA AND OHIO WORKERS, SENDING THEM TO NORTH HOUSTON The official tally of ExxonMobil employees who’ll be working out of the company’s enormous new campus just south of The Woodlands is now up to 10,000, approximately 2,000 more than reported last year. The company announced today that beginning in early 2014, workers from ExxonMobil facilities in Fairfax, Virginia, and Akron, Ohio, will be relocated to buildings now under construction in a new forest clearing west of the intersection of I-45 and the Hardy Toll Rd. Also being brought up to breathe the fresh Spring air: some employees currently working in ExxonMobil’s chemical and research & engineering companies at the Baytown refinery. ExxonMobil says it’ll expand its 385-acre campus to make room for the recently announced newcomers. [Marketwatch; previously on Swamplot] Rendering of new Energy Center: ExxonMobil

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  • 10000 new workers in the area is nothing to sneeze at. Even with some just moving location in Houston, that’s a big influx.

    Also think of the families that will be relocating to the area also.

    That north section of the Grand Parkway is going to be pushed even harder now than it was before.

  • More like 15,000-17,000 employees after the first phase is complete

  • But even with all the job growth in Houston, United Airlines is still going to size down its IAH hub…because they didn’t get their way. Seems like a great opportunity for another airline to step in and meet the increased demand.

  • I’m interested in if/when employees will be relocating from Irving.

  • In the age of virtual work environments and follow-the-sun collaboration, it sure is funny to see a company taking such an old school approach in making the donuts.

  • @mike. Most likely irving employees will stay there. There has never been any notice of that office moving.

  • Too bad for Exxon United is pulling out of IAH. We just don’t have enough traffic to foreign locales justify long haul international flights. Especially with Southwest starting short-haul service out of 5 gates to Mexico in 2015….

  • Relocation Schmelocation. What the heck is going on with that BUILDING rendering? WACK.

  • I find it amazing how quickly some employee leaks this information. The announcement was only posted yesterday morning (even though rumors have swirled about for some time). I’m surprised they didn’t go through the trouble of downloading the latest internal video.