Rowing and Biking Through Nottingham Forest, Under Water and Drying Out

The 2 very different videos above give a taste of what the last few weeks have been like in Nottingham Forest, the Memorial neighborhood along the north side of Buffalo Bayou between Dairy Ashford and Kirkwood south of Memorial Dr. Nottingham Forest filled with water after Hurricane Harvey — and releases of water from the oversubscribed Addicks and Barker reservoirs. The first video, taken by Swamplot reader Gatewood Brown from a GoPro mounted on a kayak, shows portions of the neighborhood underwater during rescue operations 3 days after Houston was first hit by the storm. The second video was taken yesterday by reader Kyle Steck, using a mobile phone he carried while biking hands-free through Nottingham Forest’s now dry but extensively garbage-lined streets.

Videos: Gatewood Brown; Kyle Steck

Before and After

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  • The flooding was not from Harvey but from the controlled release of water by the Army Corp of Engineers who said the bayou should remain steady at it’s normal height or a little more. Residents were lied to and were not given enough warning to get their belongings out. My daughter’s house had water in it for two weeks. This neighborhood had never flooded and was not in a flood zone.