Seabrook Hubcap Grill Brings New Headlight, Paintjob, Full Wheel Alignment to Former Red Door Cafe

The Red Door Cafe’s red door remains at 1918 E. NASA Pkwy., but Hubcap Grill has refashioned the rest of the space into something more chop-shop chic: a new paintjob sets off the chrome appointments now covering the once-white front facade and a new headlamp illuminates the door. There’s also BURGERS on the grille above the entrance.

But that’s just the bodywork. The interior got a full remodel, too, including new floors, appliances, AC, electrical, and this custom chandelier:


On the southwest side of the building, a patio runs along E. 4th St.. It’s shown below back before the now-shuttered cafe moved out around the end of last year:

Now with some new rims:

When the restaurant opens, it’ll be the chain’s fifth. Current locations include 1111 Prairie St. downtown, W. 19th St. in Shady Acres, IAH Terminal A, and 2021 Strand St. in Galveston.

Photos: Ricky Craig (Hubcap Grill); Red Door Cafe (Red Door Cafe)

Auto Body Transformation

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  • glad it’s a recognizable name going in that building. that stretch of nasa rd is tough on restaurants given the revolving door of names/signs. with tookies heading south of the 146 bridge, this is a convenient option for us north-siders.