Harborside Mercantile Casting Off on the Galveston Strand Tonight

harborside-mercantileHarborside Mercantile, 2021 Strand St, Galveston, TX, 77550Down in Galveston, seafood-slash-southern-focused Harborside Mercantile is opening up for a preview this evening, after clearing some liquor licensing hurdles that set back the planned December startup. The restaurant, located at 2021 Strand St., is a collaboration between Richard Craig (whose 3-wheeled Hubcap Grill will be getting a 4th location inside IAH) and Joshua Martinez (owner of The Modular foodtruck and the former Chicken Ranch).

The Strand, buoyantly styled as the “Wall Street of the South” in the 19th century, was battered by fires, the Civil War, and numerous destructive hurricanes before sinking out of prominence and settling into life as a warehouse district; historical restorations in the 1960s paved the way for the district’s eventual resurgence as a tourist destination.

Photos: Harborside Mercantile


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  • Yes. Galveston ( especially the Strand )needs more restaurants.. And the food will be delish … I’ve eaten at the Chicken Ranch , the Modular food truck and Hubcap Grill. Coastal Southern cuisine IS awesome- lots of seafood /flavors/spices melded with various cooking techniques should make for really tasty food. Thankfully they’ve gotten their liquor licenses. They sling some wicked cocktails…

  • Umm, that “Harborside Mercantile” link above leads to a Facebook page of a restaurant in Buffalo, NY.

  • Thanks, Lisa! It’s been swapped out now.

  • That will be a nice addition to the Strand. Galveston has been slowly improving since Ike, hope the trend continues.