Local Restaurants You’ve Heard of Make It to the IAH Runway

LOCAL RESTAURANTS YOU’VE HEARD OF MAKE IT TO THE IAH RUNWAY Hubcap Grill, 1111 Prairie St., Downtown HoustonThe Breakfast Klub, Hubcap Grill, El Real Tex-Mex Café, Ray’s Real Pit BBQ Shack, Hugo’s Cocina, Pink’s Pizza, Cadillac Mexican Kitchen and Bar, Café Adobe, and Landry’s Seafood — where might you be able to go to sample them all? Anywhere — as long as your travel takes you through Bush Intercontinental Airport. Amid a bunch of protests from other bidders who lost out, a vote from city council last month approved $1.6 billion worth of airport concession contracts that will land the group of local restaurants and locally based chains a 10-year deal. [Food Chronicles; more details] Photo of Hubcap Grill, 1111 Prairie St., Downtown: 2 Dine For

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  • Sounds great! … until someone brings their Hangover or Frito Pie burger onto the plane.

  • Maybe the rude as hell customer service at hubcap won’t seem so bad in comparison to a full cavity TSA search. Have fun taking a dump on the plane toilet or the urine drenched airport bathroom after eating that greasy garbage.

  • @Houstonian sometimes its poor customer service, but other times it just might be you…

  • @texmex pretty sure the problem is hubcap. There are a lot of great burger places in Houston that would be a better last impression of Houston to travelers leaving town than hubcap. In a city know for world class hospitality, the rude ambivalence of hubcap will be the last Houston experience for thousands of travelers leaving our city every year.

    Epic fail.