Pink’s Walk-Up Washington Ave Pizza Slice Dispensing Machine Now So Close To Opening You Can Practically Smell the Pepperoni

Pink's Pizza, 1009 Moy St., Washington Corridor, Houston

How close to opening is the Pink’s Pizza going into the former laundromat building at 1009 Moy St. off Washington Ave, a mere 14 months after construction began? Nose-to-the-window close: “There’s even beer names over the beer taps!” reports a reader who’s been monitoring the progress of the end space as well as the neighboring fitness-gear shop. The toned folks behind Below Parallel beat their pizza-facing competitors next door to the start line, opening for business at the beginning of September. Pink’s, though, still has a bit more work to do:


Pink's Pizza, 1009 Moy St., Washington Corridor, Houston

Pink's Pizza, 1009 Moy St., Washington Corridor, Houston

Pink’s now has a walk-up window installed in front, to serve no-need-to-come-in customers. Workers are continuing interior construction this morning, our reader notes.

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Your Order in 14 Months or Bust

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  • Order pizza, wait 90 minutes, wait some more, get cold pizza from driver whose smells distinctly of cannabis, complain to seemingly deaf manager who only makes a million excuses and fails to apologize. Realize you’ve just spent $30 on cold blase’ pizza and terrible customer service.

  • Hey CM, or is it cm?
    I take it you were fired for being one of those “drivers”, ehh? Sorry you’re so bitter.
    I’m glad I don’t have to worry about seeing you there while enjoying my cold craft beer and delicious pizza pie.

  • Maybe a walk up window that sells burgers downtown late at night could be a hit.

  • Ah assumptions are grand; no I wouldn’t just happen to live down stanford from the location at West Gray. No clearly I’m employed by a pizza place?!? Sorry you’re butthurt about the truth; maybe you should contact Ken over at Delicious Concepts whose also a acquaintance of mine and since he’s also the owner of Pinks/Lola/Etc. you could get a job making assumptions and excuses for his restaurants?

  • Assumptions are grand. I’ve only ever had one problem with Pink’s out of many orders. YMMV as with anything.