Pink’s Pizza Pulling Ahead of Crossfit Gear Shop in Longstanding Wash Ave Strip Center Opening Race

Pink's Pizza, 1009 Moy St., Washington Ave., Houston

Bellow Parallel, 1009 Moy St., Suite B, Washington Ave., HoustonIt looks like workout gear store Below Parallel has missed its promised July opening date, notes the reader who’s been monitoring construction progress at the the side-standing strip center that used to house a laundromat at 1009 Moy St. on Washington Ave. How long will it be? Count the conflicting clues: The city inspector’s red tag gracing the front door in this photo (above left) from earlier in the week; the shoes already arranged on display shelves in an interior pic posted to the store’s Facebook page.

But something’s definitely cooking next door, where Pink’s Pizza has been moving in for almost an entire year, and where for many months, our tipster reports, work had appeared stalled. Signs of actual recent construction progress are present — most notably in the corner spot’s newly installed windows.

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The Pizza Racers

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  • I’m guessing Pink’s owner is still reeling from his 2.5 Star rating for his last restaurant venture, ‘The EL’.

  • There’s already a Montrose and a Hieghts location. I guess they’re drumming up too much business in this area and they need a midway point to cover all the bases?

  • pinks is good but a pizza l’vino would be better…. and can we quit with the cheap construction…. ban all new construction and make business owners utilize what’s already there…. can for the love of God when are they gonna improve the sidewalks on washington…. even homeless refuse to walk on those sidewalks…