Shuttered Lancaster Hotel’s Post-Harvey Redo Has Begun

SHUTTERED LANCASTER HOTEL’S POST-HARVEY REDO HAS BEGUN The latest purchasers of the recently-renovated Lancaster Hotel hotel at 701 Texas Ave. had only owned it for about 2 months before 2 ft. of water entered its lobby — and 12 its basement — during Harvey, reports the HBJ’s Cara Smith. Its last redo in 2013 was along the same lines (“significant alterations to the lobby, guest rooms, suites and meeting spaces,” the HBJ wrote then) as what Magnolia Lodging has planned for it now: “a redesigned lobby, guest rooms, a new restaurant and bar, an indoor mezzanine, an espresso bar and a new cardio fitness studio.” The 92-year-old structure has been shuttered since the storm, leaving its 12 stories and adjacent parking lot (where 2 buildings were demolished on Louisiana in 2016) unoccupied. [HBJ ($); previously on Swamplot] Photo: Jay H.

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  • Lovely, historic old building …. I am glad they are choosing to restore it. Hopefully the redo will have some flood prevention devices installed.

  • So the people who own it now aren’t the people who tore down the nice old buildings? Was that the real reason they tore them down – because they were planning to sell the hotel, and needed to make potential buyers feel safe about having parking?

  • What is your problem, Mark? Yes, I liked the 509 and it’s neighbor as well, but they are gone. Celebrate the fact that this was saved from the wrecking ball and spew your venom elsewhere.

  • Stayed there a few years back. One of my favorite historic buildings still left downtown. Glad they’re fixing it up!

  • I’m with Mike (not Mark) on this one.
    Before the demolition, guests at the Lancaster were greeted by convenient restaurants in charming 19th century buildings. Now we have a trashy looking scarred wall overlooking a featureless parking lot. Welcome to Houston!
    WR: I see nothing in Mike’s remarks to suggest that that he is “spewing venom”. If anything, you’re making an asp of yourself.

  • I’m here for the historic buildings

  • Lmao. Spewing venom? Geez, all he was doing was making a point and not even in an aggressive way. Perhaps less Starbucks, WZ. Err WR.