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  • Wow, $4.8 million and it’s all nothing but a giant pile of 2x4s. The outside will probably be some cheap stucco finish too. Shirley that kind of money could be better spent for a nicer house in Memorial or (gasp!) inside the Loop.

  • Did someone buy this and bail or is it spec building?

  • @Mike, every single house is a pile of 2x4s, from shitgalos in the Heights to mega mansions in River Oaks. People have tried over the years to use ICF or steel but it never works out, out here in the real world, Yellow Pine #2 is the best, most efficient, and beneficial way to build.

  • And don’t call us Shirley!!!

  • Wondering if this is fallout from the oil bust. Seems odd to stop mid-project, but the most customizable phases of construction are coming up, so probably wise to wait for the next buyer to step in and finish it the way they want it, will cost far less in the long run.

  • I’m pretty sure they’re selling the house when finished, not the frame. It’s common to start the listing at this stage and hoping a buyer comes in prior to completion. But it’s also customary to put up some rendering “as finished” or at least mention that it’s “still customizable” etc.

  • @SuperDave: Do we have reason to suspect that the home has been stopped mid-project? New construction spec homes are almost always listed pre-completion.

  • love the open floor plan