Squatting at the Savoy

SQUATTING AT THE SAVOY The news that Downtown’s old Savoy Hotel has been sold and will be converted into a Holiday Inn seems to have inspired some nostalgia in the Houston Chronicle’s Craig Hlavaty. Going back over the hotel’s past as housing for law students and even boarding for Lee Harvey Oswald, in town one day to apply for a job at nearby Conoco, Hlavaty also finds evidence that the supposedly vacant building was anything but: “In 2004, someone named “squatterkid” was posting on a Houston architecture forum about living inside . . . even getting phone calls there from people expecting to make reservations at the long dormant hotel. The number was still listed. At the time, he said that there was still electricity running in the place, too. The squatter, who went by Sean when he spoke with the Houston Press in 2007, said he and some homeless folks made the hotel their home using the leftover furnishings.” You can read more from “squatterkid” here. [Houston Chronicle; HAIF; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Allyn West

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  • I remember those HAIF threads well. Like it was YESTERDAY not Nine Year Ago!!!!

  • I wonder how history would have been changed if Conoco had hired Lee Harvey Oswald that day.

  • Trespasser Boy

  • OMG, I was just thinking about ‘squatterkid’ when I read the earlier article about repurposing The Savoy. He posted photos of the ‘bouncy room’ he had created there by piling dozens of old mattresses into one room and presumably bounced to his heart’s content. There were great photos of Downtown at night that he took from the roof of The Savoy including the neon sign on the roof. I remember he stated he preferred to squat in major cities only and had a goal of doing so all across the U.S. He also posted pics of his squatting experiences in San Francisco, which were fascinating. He posted pics and commentary on his adventures on the Houston Architectural Information Forum (HAIF). It was my first exposure to the concept of ‘Urbex.’ I do remember he said that the power was still on in the hotel and that the lone old-fashioned black phone would ring occasionally. He included photos of that, too, sitting on the old check-in counter. I thought it was amazing, personally.

  • I wish they would keep the original sign, placing the new ‘Holiday Inn’ letters on top to reading Holiday Inn Savoy Houston.

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  • Ah yes, HAIF in the good ol’ days before they went around inexplicably banning their top contributors and indeed the entire nations to which they’ve happened to have moved. That was nice.