St. Agnes Picks Up Dropped Suit

ST. AGNES PICKS UP DROPPED SUIT The lawsuit the Academy of St. Agnes filed and then dropped last month against the city, the TABC, and the owners of a nightclub planning to open in the former Finger Furniture space at PlazAmericas is back on again, Purva Patel reports. The suit is an attempt to prevent the planned club, El Corral, from receiving a liquor license. A year ago, the private girls school bought the 18.7-acre former Gillman auto dealership at the corner of Bellaire Blvd. and Fondren, across the street from the former Sharpstown Mall, with plans to turn the property into an athletic campus. [Prime Property; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Candace Garcia

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  • I’m sorry but perhaps St. Agnes needs to get a clue and realize that the neighborhood around them has turned into a sh*tty one. Don’t know if you’ve been in the area lately but driving thru there as become one dangerous propostion. Perhaps its time they realized this and just picked up and moved.

  • Josh,

    Sounds like St. Agnes is doing its part in trying to make the hood better.

    Rememer when a trip to The Heights just about guarnteed to get into some kind of ruckus? The didn’t call that gang the “Heights Rats” for nothing.

    This was the 80s and early 90s. Everyone who lives there now choses to forget this or does not even know about the fact.

    El Corral should pack it to unincorporated harris county.

  • PlazAmericas moving makes more sense than St Agnes moving.

  • What is the presence of a nightclub going to do to a school campus anyways? Are they even going to operate during the same hours?

  • You know, some areas of town are never going to come back…i.e. aldine, Gunspoint. Spending money on a frivlous lawsuit like this is like p*ssing in the wind. They would better be spent finding another location.

  • Yea go ahead and surrender to Mexico.


  • It’s quite a leap in logic anyway to go from a lawsuit to getting up and finding a new location. So now I’m trying to figure out who or what has an interest in St. Agnes moving.

  • I am conflicted.
    First I said to myself, “You GO girls! Make an innocent and safe place for yourselves!”
    Then I remember that 1)Shit happens, and, 2)Dying things go through painful, grotesque stages.
    However, Neighborhoods with enough heart, soul, activism, money, and/or Covanents/Restrictions, DO survive to go on and on and on. . .
    On balance, I hope that St. Agnes can be the Last Standing in this battle.

  • The neighborhood isn’t so bad. And if St Agnes and strake Jesuit had a problem with crime they would have moved a long time ago. China town and the shops on harwin seem to be saving the area

  • El Corral started the permitting process BEFORE St. Agnes bought the land. Why is this even a discussion?

  • This area is not necessarily destined to be bad forever. If they ever implement light rail on the existing Quickline route, then property values are going to increase. Also, this area borders on Chinatown + nicer neighborhoods in SW Houston. The St. Agnes sports complex by itself seems like a good step in the right direction.

  • I have lived all of my life in Sharpstown. My parents live here and my kids live here. Every day I see families moving back in (lots of adult kids with young families who used to live here). Many of the “blight” homes with multiple residents and yucky rental properties have moved on with the property foreclosures. My 5 bedroom home is now worth $120,000, so lots of families can afford to move here. We have a great public elementary school and one great Catholic elementary and middle school here, churches, and a great community, close to downtown and all freeways. Even though I work by Willowbrook I get home in 30 minutes!
    Come back and see how the neighborhood has improved. St. Agnes’s investment in the neighborhood will help encourage other businesses to come back too. Don’t write us off!!

  • And don’t forget that KIPP has stepped in and set up two great new campuses close by to offer some great middle school and high school campuses since the HISD middle and high schools are horrible. There is a new 4th and 5th grade HISD campus being built though that will be open next year which should help with the HISD school situation in Sharpstown as well.