St. Joseph’s Fallen Multi-Story Steel Crosses Now Lying in Pieces Alongside Building Lettering Next to Pierce Elevated

The massive illuminated crosses that once adorned the St. Joseph Professional Building next to the Pierce Elevated have been stripped from the structure’s east and west sides by its new-ish owner, but haven’t yet been removed from the block. West of the tower and adjacent to the highway, the fenced enclosure pictured above now holds the de-crucified metal parts along with the Scrabble-like remnants of the lettering that once spelled out the building’s name below the crosses.

The scrap yard borders the surface parking lot that fronts the 135,586-sq.-ft. building’s garage podium on La Branch St.:


A view from the north shows what the building looked like before the crosses were removed:

Boxer Property bought the tower last year and announced it had commissioned artists to develop concepts for an “iconic” design that would go up in place of the now-vanished signs. A new name is also in the works for the building. Less prominent planned changes include the addition of coworking facilities inside the highrise, as well as renovations on the retail spaces that now line Gray St., Crawford St., and the surface lot that neighbors the tower.

The building’s last interior renovation took place in 2009 during the same time the crosses were installed on its façade. Inside changes back then added a new sprinkler system and redid common areas, elevators, restrooms, and lighting.

A broader view from the west:

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Cross-Word Jumble

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