Starbucks Now Open Across from Former Starbucks on Richmond Ave at Chimney Rock

Starbucks, 5540 Richmond Ave, Galleria Area, Houston, 77056

Rising in this photo, from left to right: the back-t0-searching Williams Tower, the 30-story Mercer condo building, and the vertical sign for the new Starbucks that opened yesterday morning at the northeast corner of Richmond Ave. and Chimney Rock Rd. The freestanding coffee shop at 5540 Richmond (next to the spot previously occupied by now-demolished Taco Cabana) is right across the street from the freestanding former Starbucks no longer listed on the company’s website at 5549 Richmond, between wine-themed Pinot’s Palette and probably-not-intentionally-wine-themed Night Train Luggage.

The store is a 4-minute drive from the Starbucks-turned-Minuti on the corner of Fountainview Dr. and Westheimer Rd., and just a 3-minute drive from the new AT&T-adjacent Starbucks on S. Rice Ave. south of 59, at the edge of the Walmart Supercenter parking lot next to relocated MicroCenter. Folks who want to get their coffee and split can head east to the drive-through lane; folks looking to stick around can hang out inside, out front, or on the semi-sheltered side patio which will eventually be partially screened with greenery, if the planter plants follow the plan:


Starbucks, 5540 Richmond Ave, Galleria Area, Houston, 77056

Starbucks, 5540 Richmond Ave, Galleria Area, Houston, 77056

Photos: Henry Chapman

Coffee’s Back On

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  • That’s nothing! The River Oaks Shopping Center now boasts FOUR Starbucks within a two block area. The famous two across the street from eachother, the one inside Barnes & Noble and now a small, airport like operation inside the Kroger store. I think the coffee chain must be taking its cues from Mattress Firm.

  • I know Starbucks isn’t short on dough but they seem to have used an absurdly large amount of land for that tiny building. I guess they expect a lot of cars to line up but that’s never stopped Chik-Fil-A from just diverting traffic to the street.

  • Nice pergola.

  • If you don’t like all the starbucks, stop going there. Many are on corridors that are convenient in the mornings. Why do I care there is one at westheimer and fountainview if I am driving down richmond in rush hour? It might take 30 minutes to go that extra 3 miles. they wouldn’t build if they didn’t make money. there are now 3 in my area, although not that close, but I don’t go to any of them. I make my own coffee at work

  • Ooo, a pergola. That’ll come in handy when its raining, after it rained, when birds congregate on it, or when the sun is out.
    Might I remind people that this is Houston, sub 30°N latitude, and not Paris, 45° latitude.

  • While the pergola is pretty, I have to agree that it isn’t very practical in our climate.
    That being said, I never patronize Starbucks – I just get my coffee fix at home on the weekends or at the office during workdays. No need to clog up the streets any longer than needed and the coffee is free at the office.
    Plus, the idling in the drive-through adds to pollution and wasting gas: more hidden costs to that coffee stop.

  • One does not go to Starbucks for the coffee, unless you don’t know what good coffee is, one goes to sit down and kill time or to meet a friend, the cup of coffee is just the price of short term rental of the chair.

  • There are so few articles on Swamplot, why do they have to waste their energy on where a new Starbucks is located. :(
    Bring back articles about illegal tree removal before you waste your time on more Starbucks articles.
    Such bad coffee.

  • Sure toasty, just ignore the hipsters. They need attention, too. No other reason for them to exist.

  • “the cup of coffee is just the price of short term rental of the chair.”
    100% spot on.
    I don’t like going to starbucks because I really don’t like their politics. However, if/when I do go, it’s to get some ‘fru fru’ (sp?) drink. Their pain coffee might be ‘meh’ but they really have those coffee desert drinks nailed perfectly.

  • I don’t believe hipsters congregate at Starbuck’s with soccer moms and earnest, young execs. What’s disturbing about developmnt outside the Loop is how predictable it is.