Still Coming Soon: The Courtyard on Richmond

Perspective View from Richmond and Milam of Proposed Courtyard on Richmond Apartments

A reader writes in wanting to find out what is planned for the “gigantic” and newly cleared block at the northwest corner of the 59 South feeder road and Richmond, just west of Midtown. The block surrounded by Richmond, Colquitt, Garrott, and Jack is the planned site of The Courtyard on Richmond, a midrise apartment complex by Post Properties that’s just a short walk away from the Wheeler light-rail station.

Back in October, the Chronicle‘s Betty Martin reported on the project: a 5-story, 200-unit structure with two courtyards, sandwiching a parking garage. The story included this comment:

It would be similar to “that property in Midtown that everybody likes – Midtown Square – that has a restaurant on the ground floor, brick sidewalks,” [Post Properties developer Bart] French said.

Post Properties built Midtown Square, so you might expect the new project will be similar . . . well, except for that part about restaurants on the ground floor. The plans we’ve seen don’t show any retail, except for a leasing office at the corner of Richmond and Milam. And a Planning Department document dating from January refers to the Courtyard on Richmond as a 252-unit residential-only project.

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All images shown here of the Courtyard on Richmond — designed by the Dallas office of Looney Ricks Kiss — were leaked on HAIF last year:

Elevations of Proposed Courtyard on Richmond Apartments

Plan of Proposed Courtyard on Richmond Apartments, Houston

Construction was supposed to begin in “late 2008,” according to the Chronicle article.

Got any more recent news or views of the project you’d like to share?

Images: Looney Ricks Kiss Dallas, via HAIF