Submerged Kingwood Whataburger, the Shortest-Lived Whataburger in Kingwood History

How’s this image for establishing flood cred? The photo above — of the submerged Whataburger at 4545 Kingwood Dr. in Kingwood — accompanied the fast-food chain’s announcement yesterday of plans to spend a million bucks helping its own employees recover from Hurricane Harvey and donate half a million to local food banks and $150K to the Red Cross. If the water-waisted burger joint located near the intersection of the appropriately named W. Lake Houston Pkwy. otherwise looks kinda shiny and new in the pic (you can see more of its flooding experience here, here, and here), it’s because it is. Whataburger Unit 1125 at this location opened for the first time on July 31.

Photo: Whataburger

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  • This may not be a good time for you folks at Swamplot to be flippant. There’s heartache out there.

  • Its a fine story and draws attention to whataburger’s efforts to help ameliorate the effects of the flood on its employees and the community. Laugh in the face of adversity, don’t look to be offended.

  • Don’t donate to Red Cross!

    The Texas Tribune had an article absolutely exposing them for frauds. They got half a billion for Haiti and built 6 houses. The Trib is very reputable and just gutted the reputation of the Red Cross with some very fact intensive research. JJ Watts charity is supposed to be good. Or donate money or items direct to the shelter or local church you trust (not commenting on lakewood).

  • We’ve always loved and laughed at Swamplot’s irreverent humor, but this isn’t about animal heads on the walls. Lives, financially , emotionally and literally, have been destroyed but you must decide when it’s time to exercise wisdom and compassion in the midst of all this suffering. A loyal reader.

  • Whatabummer!

  • As someone who grew up in Kingwood and has family living there now who evacuated, I find this post insensitive, dismissive, and just not funny. I’ve been following Swamplot for years and appreciate the good reporting in the past and especially the link posts related to Harvey. I hope my comments help shape the content of future reporting on this site.

  • @Carolyn Robertson

    “Lighten up, Francis!”

  • I live in Kingwood and within walking (kayaking) distance from this Whataburger…a little levity is what we need right about now.