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  • Probably safe to say that white room once had a slave…. Bet her name was Maria.

  • Turrell is doing listing photos? Oh man, what a long fall!

  • The staging looks to be staged. What’s the point?

  • J: How did you even notice who took the photos? And how many people do you assume know who that is? (maybe it’s just me that doesn’t know)

  • He’s referring to the artist James Turrel who used light and space as his medium instead of enslaving paint brushes.

  • Hi Cody, I didn’t know who Turrell was until I went with my kids to see an exhibit at MFAH. My oldest had an art teacher that recommended it. I’m no Frasier Crane-just a Dad. I highly recommend a look at his work.

  • For anyone not familiar with James Turrell you should definitely check out the Turrell Skyspace at Rice. It is under repair now but the light show at dawn and dusk is amazing. Check the web sight for times and reservations.