Taco Cabana Trashes Pollo Tropical’s Palm-Tree-Themed Outdoor Décor But Hangs onto the Real Things For Now

A Swamplot reader who for the past few days has been monitoring changes at the intersection of Westheimer and Voss roads sends the photo at top showing a new Taco Cabana banner strung up on the roadside fast food pad that Pollo Tropical left in 2017. Although the new restaurant’s flavor profile won’t be much different from that of its predecessor, the look of the place appears to be changing quite a bit. So far, the white pergola fronted by Pollo Tropical’s signage on the east side of the structure has been removed and a fresh coat of gray paint has been applied to all sides of building, including the one home to that blue tagline and accompanying palm tree illustration shown opposite the sedan in the photo above.

Also gone: the 4 painted palm-tree window awnings along the south and east sides of the building, each of which fronted its very own live palm tree as shown in the photo. The trees themselves don’t appear to have been disturbed since Pollo Tropical left:


The view from the drive-thru side:

Photos: Rex Solomon (renovations); Jeremy T. (Pollo Tropical)

Staying South of the Border

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  • Makes sense. Same parent company.

    I was always surprised that Pollo Tropical didn’t take off here. It’s huge in Miami and honestly they are a lot better than TC.

  • I’m surprised it took so long! I was hoping Taco Cabana would utilize the space.

  • The building was painted gray and stripped of the awnings right after Pollo Tropical closed. It’s looked like that for a while now.

  • I just want a Taco Palenque that’s not a 45 minute drive.

  • Taco Cabana welcome back to the Galleria area. I remember when the T.C. closed at Fountain View & Richmond a few years back and have missed it ever since.