Taking the Shepherd Balcony: Américas River Oaks

And now the official announcement of “what everyone already knew” about the new River Oaks Shopping Center: That second-story space with the overextended (and intensely negotiated) porte-cochere facing onto Shepherd is slated to be a third Américas restaurant. Weingarten Realty reports that Michael Cordúa will open a 9,150-sq.-ft. West-Gray-and-Shepherd version in the fall of this year, featuring an elevated bar area and private event spaces. Cordúa will work again with Cheesecake Factory stylist Jordan Mozer to design his 7th local restaurant. Tony and Jeff Vallone backed out of plans to open a restaurant named Il Tavolo in the same location one year ago.

Photo of River Oaks Shopping Center: River Oaks Examiner