River Oaks Shopping Center Balcony: A Few Loose Ends

Weingarten’s Planning Commission victory earlier this month doesn’t resolve everything for the westernmost of two replacement retail buildings now under construction at the River Oaks Shopping Center. First, reports Mary Ann Acevedo in the Houston Business Journal, that last-minute compromise left a few neighbors grumbling:

. . . some of the neighbors are not pleased that they didn’t have an opportunity to review the final agreement after Weingarten’s most recent changes prior to the Jan. 8 hearing with the Planning Commission.

According to [neighbor Janet] Moore, Weingarten had told the group it would deliver an advance copy for their review.

“They presented us a signed, unmarked copy at the hearing and had no one available authorized to negotiate changes to the agreement,” Moore says. “Some of the neighbors are disappointed with a few of the changes in the agreement.”

On, Jan. 13, Weingarten presented the neighbors with a revised agreement that Moore says does address some of those concerns, although the parties continue to work out the details.

Next, that Vallone restaurant planned for the building’s second floor and balcony — which at one point was referred to in Weingarten’s marketing materials as Il Tavolo (and is labeled Adagio Vino in the renderings) — may not be a done deal yet:


The latest dispute does call into question whether the Vallones will move forward with the planned restaurant. . . .

Meanwhile, Weingarten spokeswoman Andrea Dahlke says that in light of the recent changes, the company “needs to go back to each of its tenants on how (the new variance) will affect restaurants or retailers” in the center.

“At this point, nothing has changed,” she says. “But they need to have discussions with Mr. Vallone and everyone else about the changes being made.”

Rendering of River Oaks Shopping Center on Shepherd Dr. at W. Gray: Weingarten Realty

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  • The opposition better be happy Weingarten violated the setback rules. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t care what the neighbors are complaining about.

  • I am surprised that the city leaders allowed Weingarten to build a large, towering parking garage almost 5 feet from the Brentwood neighbors homes.

    Do the city officials care about the well being of the families which is the fabric that supports the communities, businesses, churches, etc or tax revenue from commercial establishment?

  • I believed a previous post on this topic it was mentioned that Brentwood used to back up to a bowling alley. It wasn’t like it was adjacent to pristine forest that was mowed over. Brentwood is an urban neighborhood. That’s the trade off for living so close in the city.

    It’s no different than the parking garage in Highland village either. Would it have been better to just tear down more buildings for a single level parking lot? Going vertical reduces creating new pavement and makes it a more efficient use of the land.

  • Neighbors, sometimes the ‘bear eats you’ – especially in Houston. Feel free to stroll on the public space in front of the restaurant, perhaps with very large dogs…. and big strollers full of cranky babies.

  • This project has been pulled!

  • ?

    Well the restaurant and it’s balcony could be gone, but everything else is still there.

    So Weingarten is really in any kind of problem except to find a new tenant.

  • Does anyone really believe that the plug was pulled due to the economy???? What changed in the economy since this deal was anounced 2 weeks ago??? This pull out was due to the design changes.