The Best Thing About Those Southampton Oaks

Sure, the canopy of coastal live oak trees along Sunset Boulevard north of Rice is purty and all, but what’s really great about it is that it’s going to block views of a new six-story medical tower going up in Southampton. Well, okay, the fact that car windshields don’t curve all the way up over our heads—that helps too. Just don’t look up while you drive by, okay?

Now if Southampton residents would just shut up about the new Medical Clinic of Houston building long enough to watch this drive-by video produced by the new building’s nice architects—showing the still-leafy drive along tree-lined Sunset Boulevard, they’ll see how silly their complaints are.

After the jump, un-foliated views of the new tower, plus the seven-level parking garage that’s going to face Rice Boulevard.


Medical Clinic of Houston Site Plan

Figured out how the the tower and garage are going to fit so nicely into this neighborhood? That’s right—‘cuz they’re gonna be made of brick, with stone accents. Kinda like Rice!

New Six-Story Medical Clinic of Houston Tower in Southampton

And here’s what the garage will look like, from the corner of Rice Blvd. and Cherokee St.:

Medical Clinic of Houston Garage from Rice Blvd and Cherokee St