The Boomeranging Bungalow of Woodson Place

The furnishings and perennial planting changed between this home’s two most recent homeowners, but that’s about it for this back-on-the-market Woodson Place bungalow. The 1920 middle-of-the-block property was listed a week ago at $429,000, less than a year after (and $42K more than ) its April 2012 purchase.


The porch swing is a holdover from an earlier owner. There have been five of them this millennium. In 2001, the home sold for $230,000.

Despite a 1994 remodeling and subsequent updating, the home kept its 2 bedroom, 2-bath floor plan. Sleeping quarters open off the all-in-one living-dining room, which has an exposed brick fireplace between built-ins — and a lot of double-windows.

A previous regime redid the kitchen, which has a limestone tile floor, double ovens and a gas cooktop:

The master bedroom includes a large closet and a small sitting area:

In its bathroom, a painted-and-pickled wooden cabinet serves as vanity:

At the front of the home, the sole secondary bedroom also has a private bath:

Out back, a pool off a wooden deck and by a patio takes the place of a garage:

Beyond the pool fence is a driveway stub with automated gate:

HCAD says the finished attic accounts for 250 sq. ft. of the home’s 1,478-sq.-ft. total.

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  • Is this a flip, looks like it, would be real worried about hidden knob and tube wiring and old pipes, hopefully for the new price all his been replaced. Love the back yard, begs for a skinny dip!

  • Looks like the neighbors got in before the historic district! Mid-century hill country modern?

  • I hope the place across the street has either been upgraded or torn down. It would keep me from living on that block.

  • looks like a flip…has had many owner over the past few years…something very wrong! Is the current owner a realtor?my guess is yes he is….that block in Houston isn’t very desirable…

  • @ Gary:

    Disagree on the desirability of the street – it’s zoned to an excellent elementary school, and Woodson Place is right between Norhill and Woodland Heights – not exactly slouches in the real estate market.
    Personally, I’d rather a garage instead of a pool, but on a hot summer day, I might change my mind.

  • Agree with rental me this. That is very nice block.

    And if that house across the street is enough to keep you off the block, you probably don’t belong in the Heights.

  • @Gary: It sold already. The house across the street is nothing compared to the contemporary thing next door. At least the house across the street will either be renovated or torn down in the future. The thing next door is going to be around for a while.

  • I still wonder why no one has stayed there for the long haul.

  • I like the blue in the bedroom. Bold. I wish I could think up some creative colors to paint apts. I always just blast “Chocolate Froth” :(