The Catch in Kinder Foundation’s Bayou Greenways Cash Giveaway

THE CATCH IN KINDER FOUNDATION’S BAYOU GREENWAYS CASH GIVEAWAY It’s one thing to get the money to build a bunch of nice parks, and it’s another to keep them nice: Houston Chronicle reports that the Kinder Foundation isn’t convinced that the city will be able to pay for the maintenance of all those miles and miles of hike and bike trails and linear parks it’s setting up through the Bayou Greenways Project. That’s why — before the foundation agrees to donate the $50 million it’s dangling out there to the project — it wants the nonprofit Houston Parks Board to be put in charge of future upkeep: “Under the proposed arrangement, the city agrees to pay the park board up to $10 million a year for maintenance. Although the nonprofit likely will hire private companies and Harris County Flood Control to do some work, the city parks department would be the preferred contractor for the bulk of it, essentially bringing much of the funding back to city coffers. Additionally, the agreement includes an annual 20 percent contingency fund the board can use for capital improvement projects, such as installing new lights or replacing aging trails, or for disaster recovery after flooding or hurricanes.” [Houston Chronicle ($); previously on Swamplot] Photo of hike and bike trail construction on Brays Bayou: Allyn West

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  • I think the Houston Parks Board probably has more passionate about green space and will make dollars stretch farther than does the city of Houston Parks Department.

  • I like this arrangement. Too often park maintenance is an easy thing to steal from the cookie jar.

  • Much appreciate KMs committment and dedication to the community. This type collaboration is a positive step forward, IMO, and hopefully the wave of the future. Won’t hold my breath for anything so progressive from Exxon!

  • Kudos to the Kinder Foundation for thinking things through.

  • Kudos also to the Kinder Foundation. They’re putting their money where it COUNTS.Unlike our vote hungry Mayor.And her currently in vogue “improvements” which will,typically, be neglected in about 3+ years.Conveniently after she leaves office. It’s always some shiny politician proposing all sorts of pet projects that get funding when that pol is in office.While the basics are totally NEGLECTED.Current example: our streets.

  • Jeeze Patrick this is the fifth post where you twist a totally unrelated story into an anti-Parker rant. Take some Xanax.

  • I wonder if this is the first time this model has been enacted?
    It would be nice if the Chron had touched on whether this has worked in other big cities.
    I’m all for this if it truly delivers on its promise.
    More greenspace (that is kept up) = better Houston.
    An exciting time to live in H town.

  • You want Houston to be great?? THESE are the types of partnerships we need.

  • Houston’s best and most complex park, Hermann, operates in much the same way. That’s one of the reasons that it has become so fantastic and continues to improve.