The Dizzyingly Spectacular Full-On Bathroom Tile Renovations of 2313 Wentworth

2313 Wentworth St., Riverside Terrace, Houston

2313 Wentworth St., Riverside Terrace, Houston

A couple of Swamplot readers are agog over the spare-no-tile bathroom renovations revealed in the listing posted last week of a 4-bedroom 1940 home in Riverside Terrace. Each of the home’s 3 modestly sized full bathrooms appear to have been wrapped and floored in a distinct pattern of glass or ceramic tiles. Behold:


2313 Wentworth St., Riverside Terrace, Houston

2313 Wentworth St., Riverside Terrace, Houston

Elsewhere in the 2,252-sq.-ft. home, there’s not much hint of the specially wrapped prizes awaiting visitors to the toilet:

2313 Wentworth St., Riverside Terrace, Houston

2313 Wentworth St., Riverside Terrace, Houston

2313 Wentworth St., Riverside Terrace, Houston

Kitchen Before Renovation, 2313 Wentworth St., Riverside Terrace, HoustonThe home was purchased last August for $90,000. The listing from that sale doesn’t include any bathroom photos, unfortunately, but other included pics (such as the one at left) make it clear that the renovation was extensive. The new asking price is a much heftier $349,000.


It’s a Wrap

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  • Very cute! I like the first bathroom tile, not such a fan of the last in particular; but great job overall.

  • AHHHHHHHH MY BRAIN WHAT IS HAPPENIN….zkedmjaklmjdlkvmklzmdfv

  • Does anyone have any commentary on the gentrification status of this neighborhood? Watching HAR, it seems renovations are becoming more frequent and prices are creeping up (asking prices at least). Is the neighborhood getting substantially safer?

  • yikes that’s a lot of tile! the bigger problem for whoever buys that is that it’s one house away from a super busy part of dowling and across from a really loud (as in, large motorcycles frequent it) bar. I hope it has thick walls and good insulation and that the buyer doesn’t have a baby or sensitive ears.

  • Yikes a little restraint would be nice …

  • that strip on Dowling btwn Wenworth and Blodgett, gets pretty rowdy and the streets are packed on the weekends; drive by one night and see. However, the BBQ trailers there are pretty darn good.

  • Having lived in the neighborhood for over 7 years, i can tell you that it is substantially safer than The Heights! I lived in and out of that area for over 30 years and was broken into, had stuff stolen out of my garage, yard and car too many times to mention. My neighborhood is beautiful, safe and historic. As far as my neighbors are concerned, I have never enjoyed the people I live around as much as I do now. It is getting a little tiresome to hear the same stereotypical comments about Riverside Terrace. Open up your minds people.

  • Why? Why? Why?

  • @ aero – I’m not sure about this area specifically. But, there’s been several articles here on Swamplot talking about the gentrification of Riverside Terrace. I do know that south of MacGregor around Parkwood Park (in 77021) the homes in that area have been getting substantially improved for the last couple of years. I can’t speak for crime rates, but I have a buyer who was looking there because she has family close. It has pockets of renovated homes, well kept lawns and active neighbors.

  • “You need a hook to get the buyers in! Kitchens and baths sells houses!” Pretty sure this was said in the house flipping seminar the owner attended. What’s sad is that they spent a LOT of money on all that tile, meanwhile the rear kitchen door has the floor vent right in the walking path, which guarantees it will get tripped over and dented in about…3..2..1.

  • Nice curb appeal, but the “high end” finishes can’t hide the hack work on the interior. The window in the first bathroom (second photo) is missing a sill. In the second bathroom (third photo) you can see the seams between the panels of tile because the installer didn’t pay attention to the color repeat. Plus, that hardwood floor refinishing job is just terrible.

  • 3x appraisal price and in the ghetto. Sounds reasonable to me.

  • No mirrors over any one of those sinks

  • A good friend of mine just bought a house in this area after giving up on all the bidding wars and late nights putting in offers on affordable homes in other parts of the city. I have lived here for 5 years and love it. I’ve seen construction and remodel activity pick up substantially, especially in the past 2 years.

    Crime is minimal because most of the residents are nosy old people who call the police at the first sign of trouble, and there are a lot of homeowners rather than renters, which tends to help. However, there is a lot of foot and bar traffic on Dowling, so the streets farther back from there are quieter and more desirable. As a general rule, the closer you stay to Brays Bayou, the nicer the homes, the wealthier the residents, and the lower the crime rate.

  • this neighborhood is slowly gentrifying but still has a long way to go. my kid goes to the BCMA, before she went there, she had no idea what a crack ho is or why homeless men push shopping carts down the streets. my favorite was when i went to pick her up and there was a half naked crazy woman walking down holman street towards project row houses. her bottom proudly displayed for all to view…

    i have noticed an uptick in hispanics in the area, some even pushing strollers. it seems to be following the normal pattern of white-black-hispanic-gentrified white urban settlers. maybe another 5 to 10 years and it will be fully changed.

    i know the folks at TSU and long time black residents are less than happy about it but that was a jewish neighborhood before it became a ghetto, things change, they just need to accept it.

  • Tile abuse. Though the bathrooms would be easy to just hose down.

  • While SOME tile in a bathroom is usually nice, this was done the cheap way. All those tiles come in large pre-set sheets that make it easy to lay down. That’s why they have a random black tile line at about the 5′ mark on the wall. So on top of the dizzying affect of the patterns, it really just makes it look like they cut corners instead of doing it right…

  • I like it.

  • What is the alcove on the front porch?

  • Wow awesome tiles ..that type of tiles make our house beautiful.