The End of the 11th St. Cafe

THE END OF THE 11TH ST. CAFE Next step for the 11th St. Cafe after covering over the “Ruggles” on its sign: shutting itself down entirely. A sign on the door from owner Archie Patterson Jr. noted today by the Heights Life blog indicates the restaurant closed at the end of the year — after 35 years of operation. What’s next for the building at the corner of 11th St. and Studewood? “The new tenant will have a press release in late January,” the notice says. [The Heights Life; previously on Swamplot] Photo: The Heights Life

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  • hm. odd.

  • Not at all shocked by this, who wants anything to do with ruggles who are widely known to underpay and screw over their employees. Being merely a licensee of ruggles they ditched that train wreck as fast as they could, and the poor reviews sure didn’t help it at all.

  • I’ve lived two blocks from the 11th St Cafe since 1998. The first five years, their pizza was great. (The day Allison hit, I helped someone clean up their house after it flooded. I got pizza from 11th and everyone commented on how good it was.) Then around 2003 or 2004, the pizza quality went downhill. I think around three years ago, I thought I would give it another try. When I called, they said they didn’t have pizza that night and I never tried again. I’ve always been amazed at the crowds there for breakfast … the lasting memory was their cheese omelet – scrambled eggs with a slice of American cheese on top. Looking forward to something decent on that corner.

  • Only ate there a few times, but it was nice enough. Sad epilogue.

  • Good bye! That place was terrible and were rude to me

  • About time…..You will not be missed. Now would someone please open a decent family diner here? We do not need another fancy over priced ‘place to be seen’ – just a nice little cafe.

  • Like Tom, I’ve lived in the neighborhood for an eon, and pretty much quit going there about half an eon ago for the same reasons – it used to be good, and then slipped, never to get up. My “I ain’t comin’ back” moment involved seeing a not that small furry critter running out of the kitchen 10 or 15 years ago.

  • Corey – The Ruggles association had nothing to do with it. Lousy food and outrageous prices were the culprits. I’m sorry for Archie because he seemed like a nice guy, but the last time we went (shortly after their soft opening as a Ruggles place) the food was utterly horrid.

  • I had one of the weirdest restaurant experiences of my life there a couple years back. First, they returned someone else’s credit card to me and, after I gave it to the table it belonged to, I had to fight with my waiter to convince him that I had not paid yet (this was after first arguing to convince him that he was our waiter.) I should have just said thanks and walked out.

  • My wife nad son went there right after the Ruggles signs went up, and their reaction was “bad. Really bad”. I had no interest in going again after the last visit 5 or 6 years ago was bad.

  • Sad to see a small business go under, but such is the nature of an efficient marketplace. Their food and dining experience just weren’t worth the price. It’s a great location, and I wish lots of luck to the next business that inhabits it.

  • I like Ruggles Green and hoped to have a similar restaurant in this location. Alas, the restaurant that opened in this space, briefly under the Ruggles name, was nothing like the other restaurants. Quite simply, it was not very good. I too hate to see any small business fail but this one did not have a strong enough menu to compete in the increasingly contested Heights environment.

  • Hasn’t been the same since Miss Pat got sick. And that was how long ago? 15 years? More?