The Golden Age of Fort Bend County House Construction Is Officially Over

THE GOLDEN AGE OF FORT BEND COUNTY HOUSE CONSTRUCTION IS OFFICIALLY OVER Damn! Y’all are ruining the last bastions of suburban homebuilding freedom. Could be worse, though. They could have made it so you don’t get to hire your own inspectors: As of April 1, Fort Bend County residential home builders are required to report inspections for new construction within unincorporated areas of the county. A minimum of three inspections during construction will be required and include inspection of the following: the foundation, before the placement of concrete; the framing and mechanical system stage before drywall; and the final inspection once construction is complete.” [Fort Bend Now]

One Comment

  • Fort Bend County is doing other improvements too. They are re-writing there Drainage Criteria Manual. The last update was in 1992. After seeing a preview of it, it will be a lot more stringent.

    All the growth in Fort Bend County now has them position to have a larger team setup to be able to handle tougher restrictions.