The Greening of Lantrip Elementary

New Garden Beds, Lantrip Elementary School, 100 Telephone Rd., Eastwood, Houston

Parents and students connected to Eastwood’s Lantrip Elementary School are showing off a new mulch-covered running track, separate wheelchair-ready path, and set of 12 raised garden beds on a decomposed-granite pad built this fall by volunteers from materials purchased with a $20,000 grant the school won in July. The garden-bed installation, pictured above in front of an older campus greenhouse, will also serve as an outdoor classroom for the school at the northern reaches of Telephone Rd. Also newly installed: a set of 20 new fruit trees with irrigation equipment sent by the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, in addition to the earlier grant from Keep America Beautiful and the Lowe’s Foundation.


But that’s not all for the school greenery projects, which include planting more trees and native plants and putting in place rain barrels and compost bins. Lantrip joined the GreenSchools! environmental education program last year. Next, it plans to join up with other East End schools — starting with nearby Austin High School — to create a 10-to-12-campus USDA Forest Service pilot program for a “greenbelt” that will help member schools improve their outdoor spaces and education programs.

Photo: Susan Green

An East End Greenbelt

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  • I have observed many changes lately on the Lantrip campus. It is really exciting to witness. The Chikawa troupe stopped traffic here on Sunday with their Aztec blessing. I like the “can-do” attitude in the East End.

  • You know you’re in a gentrifying nabe when the kids are learning how to be 21st century hippies.
    And for the record, this one likes that.
    Anything that awakens a person’s sense of self-sufficiency is probably good, although there’s probably some eco-indoctrination that goes along with all of this too.
    Parents of Eastwood now might have to answer some tough questions like, “Mommy, why is there snow in Egypt when there’s global warming?”

  • Interesting –I wonder what was the criteria for the grant?–well, good for Latrip

  • Back in the day.. oh, 30-40 years ago it was an “ecology” school or something like that. Complete with gardens. Did something change between then and now?

  • More enrichment for the elementary school means more enrichment for home sellers. :)

  • 30-40 years ago? actually Plato’s academy was founded by planting a sacred grove of olive trees, and the Romans axed them down in 86 AD .. congrats to Lantrip and the other 12 schools trying to coordinate an educational, outdoor greenbelt!

  • @Collen, when they rebuilt the school in the 2000s, they kept part of the original school, but they razed most of the gardens and mazes.

  • I have a 5th grader at Lantrip and my wife attended the school also, this is continuing a “green” legacy that Lantrip has been known for since the 70s. It means a lot since most of the East End and South East are in food deserts. We have a garden, fruit trees, rain barrel etc. at home but the added education has inspired not only our child but others. Last weekend we hosted the class guinea pig at our house. Science opens children’s minds to a world of endless possibilities and discovery, Good job Lantrip. Now if I only can get him to remember to feed the dogs and clean the poop, life would be perfect, lol. peace

  • This shows how the community can come together and produce something valuable for students in the Houston area!