The New Fourth Ward Townhomes with an Attachment to History

Here’s a pair of renderings of 4 new townhomes about to be built in the Fourth Ward. The site is 2 blocks south of W. Gray, near those side-by-side lots where that 5-story apartment complex Dolce Living has been proposed to go in beside a row of vacant shotgun houses.

If you look closely at these renderings, you can see at least one more remnant of the past: The remains of the brick storefront of a dry cleaner’s that opened here on the corner of Genesee and W. Webster in the 1930s; it appears that what was the store’s main entrance has been incorporated into the design and widened into a 1-car garage. Says Tim Cisneros, whose firm worked on the townhomes: “[The storefront is] being left as a part of the neighborhood ‘commercial archeology.’”

Renderings: Cisneros Design Studio

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  • Nice renderings, I thought those were photos for a second. Very handsome design as well.

  • The Genesee side is…uninspiring.

    Other than that I like them.
    I always enjoy new construction that manages to incorporate ruins in some way.

  • @Sandy, just goes to show you that peopel feel differently about architecture because I think they look great.

  • With that historic strip center facade they’re primed for some ground floor retail.

  • That is one depressing color of brick, reminds me of old strip offices from the 70′s.

  • I wonder if any of the homeowners will bother checking to see if the dirt under their homes is polluted with perc by the old dry cleaner.

  • Bernard – I guess they’ll find out if their clothes start cleaning themselves in the closets.

  • Shouldn’t the grass end in front of the other three garage doors? Maybe some curb cuts?

  • This is / used to be a great corner for photographs, getting that raw industrial look as a backdrop. Took my engagement & motorcycle shots here. Glad they’re atleast keeping the old facade.

  • i live in one of the lofts there; itd be great if Cisneros can actually match the brick and keep the “banksy” esque door alongside the corner loft; seems to popular amongst all the amateur photographers that frequent the lofts.

  • I think these look terrible. I live very close and do not look forward to seeing them everyday.

  • any updates on this eyesore?