The New Taco and Burger Zone Perched Over a Newly Flattened Minute Maid Park Outfield

Centerfield, Minute Maid Park, Houston

Astros historian Mike Acosta, among others, has posted pics of the new Tacolandia beyond the newly reshaped centerfield wall of Minute Maid Park. Tal’s Hill, the former outfield bump that ramped up the wall, has been gone for months now, but reconstruction of other areas around the wall appears to be still ongoing. Serving burgers and tacos on the pictured mezzanine level in homerunville will be a new Shake Shack and Torchy’s, respectively. The wall, 2 additional food-service options, 3 more bars, and a new Astros-memorabilia store in the rehabbed outfield are expected to be ready for opening day next Monday.

Fans attending weigh-ins for the Geico Bassmaster Classic at the Astros’ stadium over the weekend got peeks at the final stages of construction; photos posted to Twitter this morning indicate progress overnight, as well as the new 409-ft. sign (discounted by 27 ft. from the former centerfield distance) and a plastic-ivy Astros insignia above it serving as a batter’s eye, in all its topiary-like glory:


Centerfield, Minute Maid Park, Houston

Centerfield, Minute Maid Park, Houston

Centerfield, Minute Maid Park, Houston

Photos: Mike Acosta (mezzanine and batter’s eye); Bill Brown (others)

Torchy’s, Shake Shack, Home Runs

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  • There’s so much ad signage clutter in that ballpark it reminds me of FM 1960 back in the ’90’s!

  • Torchy’s, for sure, where you’ll be told to-go is a 40 minute wait yet for dine-in then only 10.

  • Gotta hand it to the Astros staying so traditional by finding a way to get some astroturf into the stadium.


  • Did they intend to have real ivy on the Astros logo tower? Or was having the “plastic ivy” part of the plan all along? Cringe to see this, trying to be a traditional ballpark, adding lots of ivy and removing the “traditional” baseball oddity, Tal’s Hill. Yes, there used to be a handful of parks with hills and even statues in the warning track.

    They’ll made need to add “Tacos” to the sign, so the rest of the world beyond understands where not pyromaniacs. We already have a giant “Oxy” sign, which probably doesn’t make a lot sense outside of oil and gas.

  • Sell-out completed. Austin Taco stand, more advertising than the southwest freeway, fake plants, AL baseball with DH…

    So sad.