The Slabs Are Down for Avenue CDC’s New Row of Northline 2-Stories

All 10 slabs are in place for the row of 2-stories — dubbed Avenue Meadows — that community organization Avenue CDC wants to plant along Meadow Lea Dr. in Northline just south of Berry Rd. and just shy of the bend where Madie Dr. begins. Each 1,304-sq.-ft. house will sit on somewhere between 5,100 and 5,400 sq. ft. of land (with the exception of 72 Meadow Lea — the westernmost lot — which bookends the development at 8,414 sq. ft.). Half of the structures will look like the one shown in the rendering at top — nicknamed The Monarch (and noted as plan A in the site plan below).

The others lose the carport and go by the name The Admiral:


Inside all structures have the same 3-bed, one-and-a-half-bath floor plan:

Photo: J Roe Photography. Renderings and site plan: Avenue

Meadow Lea and Madie

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  • I can’t help but wonder if the future homeowners will regret, what appears to be, zero elevation.

  • StudioMET is a talented firm and if these were houses for architects a couple years out of school, I would say they were perfect. But I wonder what was the feedback from potential home owners (presumably first time home owners trying to take a step up). Did they say their image of home was a post-war public housing aesthetic? My gut says if you asked them what ‘home’ should look like they would envision gabled cottages, porches and something all together more traditional. While I really do like these, It seems these were designed to the architect’s and developer’s preferred aesthetics and not the targeted market.

  • Folks will buy anything, anywhere if the price is right. Aesthetics be damned.

  • the houses look great. I would love to see what all the naysayers here would have drawn up instead.

  • I like this 2018 version of 1948 styling but concrete floors are joint pounders. These types of mini blocks of single family homes with land can be the MidLoop’s version of the InnerLoop’s townhouses. I imagine these will be successes.

  • Given the proximity to light rail, it’s hard to justify such low density. Given the cost of land in the area, it’s hard to justify density any higher than this.

    South of 610 and west of 45, they’d have to put 4X as many on the same land area to get within $20 of this price point.

  • Looks like Sec. 8 Housing

  • I agree that any house at the right price is “home” even if it looks unlike anything you’ve lived in before.
    I also wish there was higher density here.
    Those lots are deep and a lot more units could be accommodated. With party walls. Garages even. Everybody likes porches and garages!