Touring the Lonely Mod Office Buildings of Glenbrook Valley

Medical Office Building, 7620 Bellfort St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

Real estate agent Robert Searcy sends in make-’em-look-pretty pics of a few of the small Modern office buildings to be found along Bellfort St. between Telephone Rd. and Broadway in Glenbrook Valley. The buildings were built in the 1960s, many of them to serve doctors connected to the former Southeast Memorial Hospital on the northwest corner of Bellfort St. and Glenloch. (Later operated by Riverside General Hospital as its Edith Irby Jones Campus, the structure was torn down a few years ago after suffering extensive damage from Hurricane Ike.)

Pictured above: The Bellfort Women’s Care Clinic at 7620 Bellfort, formerly the office of Dr. Hans Altinger, who also lived in Glenbrook Valley. Next on the tour:


Medical Office Building, 7630 Bellfort St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

This building with a mosaic tile front, next door at 7630 Bellfort, is the Houston Health Care Clinic. A few doors down at 7644 Bellfort is this small medical office building, also home to the Southeast Foot Clinic:

Medical Office Building, 7644 Bellfort St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

Across the street, on a 1.64-acre site at the corner of Leonora St., is this long-vacant 4-story Brutalist office building at 7603 Bellfort St.:

Office Building, 7603 Bellfort St., Houston

Two doors to the east is HISD’s Bellfort Early Childhood Center at 7647 Bellfort St., a reworking of a former medical building by a team from Kirksey Architecture a few years ago:

Bellfort Early Learning Center, Glenbrook Valley, Houston

The project was funded by a 2007 bond issue.

Photos: Robert Searcy

Some of the Doctors Are In

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  • Will the current fad of minimalist boxes be called ‘mod mod’?

  • It will be interesting to see what the combination of the Gulfgate TIRZ expansion & the management district will have on that stretch.

  • I used to travel this stretch of Bellfort (from I-45 to Mykawa) every day when I worked in that area. That was in 1993-94. These buildings seemed sad even then.