Trash or Keep This School-Side Bellaire Cape

As brick and stucco construction of more recent vintage slowly transforms this Bellaire block near Condit Elementary School, an updated 1937 Cape Cod-style home — behind a winding front walkway and camera-ready white picket fence — continues to hold down its corner right across from a campus gate and a little on-street school parking.  The throwback property listed Friday at $599,000 — as a renovate-or-rebuild address.


HCAD indicates the 2,082-sq-ft. home was remodeled in 1985 — and that the current owner has been on board since at least 1988. The listing is light on interior photos so there’s only a peek at the kitchen — and it’s through the column-enhanced living and dining rooms:

The living room and kitchen both open into this carpeted, down-a-step den with painted-over pine paneling (above). A pair of scallop-topped built-ins frames the front window, which faces south. The opposite end of the 11-ft.-by-28-ft. room has double doors with glass panels (below) that open to a small patio in the back yard. There’s also access to the garage, which shares the addition.

It’s a 3 bedroom home with 2 full bathrooms. The listing says all bedrooms are on the first floor, but shows only the master suite:

As if to make up for the camera-shy kitchen and secondary bedrooms, the home’s setting on nearly a quarter acre gets a lot of close-ups. The smallest-on-the-block home next door is also 70-plus years old. A little lingering landscaping provides a lot-line border:

Newer homes also rise on the block behind:

Window units appear in several rooms at the back the home (below and bottom). Although strategically placed greenery helps shield part of the house from the school, the property’s back 40 is more open.

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  • Nice, especially inside, but methinks this one’s a goner.

  • Sweet. Yep, a goner.

  • Goodbye little house on a huge lot.

  • It’ll be knocked down before the ink’s dry on the sales contract.

  • Nah, it’s going to stay. There are plenty of $300K and $400K properties to knock down in Bellaire. People are moving into $550-600K renovations, though some of those are more done than this one.

  • I love the history with this home. The owner worked at Condit elementary for approx. 30 years. During her tenure at Condit – all the families knew her and loved her. It is the house with the white picket fence!!!….incredible location and so much history! More memories to make with the next family whatever they decide to do with the property.

  • But……would you really want to live across the street from an elementary school?

    It could be great in summer but I would imagine traffic would be horrible during the school year.

  • I recently bought a house on a side street next four houses down from an elementary school. I am completely flabbergasted at the amount of parents who park on the street blocking mine and my neighbors driveways. One of my neighbors actually has had to replace her garage doors from parents who back up in the driveway and rear-end their garage doors (of course hit and run). I will never buy a house again remotely close to a school.

  • I’m shocked you can get a lot that big in Bellaire for only 600k. Cute house that needs lipstick. Likely to be purchased by spec builders.

    I would not want to live THAT close to the grade school either. I live 4 blocks from ours, which is about perfect. Close enough to walk but not the crazy log jam of SUV’s and mini-vans twice a day. At 3pm, its kill or be killed anywhere near a grade school.