Turnover for a Seventies Townhome in Ethan’s Glen

Developer Gerald Hines added a lake to a 32-acre slice of woodsy Memorial back in 1978. Around it, he built Ethan’s Glen, a townhome community with 288 units divided into 2-building clusters of quadplexes. One of the enclave’s larger units came on the market earlier this month, asking $275,000. The 2-story townhome, which has east and north exposures, retains some of that seventies style, such as rough-hewn cedar siding outside and a living room with walls of rustic planks installed in a herringbone pattern. But it also has new paint, new bathrooms, and new, as in last month, carpet upstairs.


There’s a wood-burning fireplace in the midst of all that wooden wallboard. Most of the floors downstairs are not-so-seventies tile:

A mirrored wall in the dining area reflects a sliding glass door across the room:

In the kitchen, a bar-height wall now framed with crown molding offers light and access:

The living and dining areas open to this deck:

Upstairs, the 1,815-sq.-ft. townhome has 3 bedrooms:

There’s another mirrored wall in this one:

And in its bathroom, too:

The lakeside development, designed by San Francisco architects Fisher-Friedman Associates with landscape firm SWA, includes a pool:

and this iconic clubhouse and deck extending over the water:

There’s also a walkway around the lake.

The development’s 2 tennis courts are next to a stretch of Buffalo Bayou, which is not part of the community, located off Memorial Dr. west of Gessner Rd.

All those amenities — plus the security patrol —bump the maintenance fee to $395 per month.

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  • Meh, I’ve seen other units there I like more. This one seems pretty closed in in the living areas than others, though the decor is nice and toned down. For 275, that seems high for this unit. I imagine the $400/month fee is probably about right though all things considered.

  • The pool and running path makes the $395 worth it.

  • Nothing a little money couldn’t fix. Although I’d be curious about what that ex-old folks home, now vacant lot for the last 30 years will become.

  • We looked at 3 units there 3 yrs ago and came close to buying. The units have great bones, the grounds are beautiful, and the price is right. We just couldn’t deal with the location – too far away from most everything we do.

  • Regretfully sold my place there 3.5 years ago due to an overseas move. Owner occupied only means you can rent your unit one year, and ask for an extra year but after that you have to sell. Would cheerfully move back. Great dog walking, groceries across the street. Used to walk up to memorial City or Town & Country for breakfast on weekends. Easy access to I-10 & the Beltway. Hate that they’ve apparently jumped so much in value since I sold though. But we did always worry a little about that empty lot.

  • Yikes: My eyes hurt. The 1970’s called and they want the decor declared a natural disaster area. Add a mirrored ball,disco music and coke & LSD and we’re having a flashback!