The Museum District’s New 4-Story Skin Building

It turns out the construction work Swamplot readers noted last week on the vacant lot at 1401 Binz St., catty-corner from the Children’s Museum, is for a 4-story structure combining ground-floor shops, 2 floors of medical office space, and a top-floor residence — all in less than 30,000 sq. ft. A small courtyard will separate the building from a linked multilevel 160-car parking garage. Half the office space, reports the Chronicle‘s Nancy Sarnoff, will be taken up by medical clinics operated by UT dermatologist Stephen Tyring; he also owns the property and is an owner of the development firm, Dermedica Property Group. Bailey Architects notes on its website that the building “will reflect the architectural fabric of Houston’s premier museum district buildings.” Sarnoff’s translation: It’ll look Modern. Contractor Arch-Con expects construction to be complete early next year.

Rendering: Bailey Architects

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  • Greatly underwhelmed.

  • I heard that it will be surface parking–short on cashola.

  • I live two blocks from here and I think that this is the perfect building for this site. The look will mirror the architecture of the area nicely, and the density is just right. Ground floor shops/cafe will be great.

  • Better than an empty lot. Bring it on (w/ a coffee shop).

  • Ron & Jstar: totally agreed. I’m also in the neighborhood (implant from a much more urban area) and I think this is a big positive. I have a real wish list, but I just tell myself: baby steps.

  • Mystery solved! My Mom lives in the residential condo building on Hermann and her unit has an awesome downtown view. She will be very relieved as will all the others that have that view. She has been so worried that they were building a highrise that would block her view. The rendering looks like it will fit nicely in the neighborhood.

  • My Great-grandfather owned this lot. He bought it from the Hermann family and built the house that had been there. My Aunt sold the property and they tore the house down.

  • This area is an honest to goodness food desert. There are a few places in here to eat but it doesn’t fit the population size at all.

  • Fabulous. A very welcome addition.

  • So glad to see this dilapidated lot receiving some mixed-use love. An oasis in the food desert, I hope.