Unhappy with Neighbor, Happy Fatz Shuts Down Its White Oak Hot Dog and Bakery Operation

Specialty hot dog shop and bakery Happy Fatz closed its bungalow doors for good yesterday at 3510 White Oak Dr. — after 6 and a half years in the Heights. “The uphill battle with the ‘neighboring’ house for the last 2 years became a greater challenge than expected,” reads a brief announcement posted yesterday to the restaurant’s Facebook page. A new 2-story, 4,400-sq.-ft. home was constructed last year on an adjacent property — a portion of which formerly served as a patio and parking lot for the restaurant. It’s currently listed for sale.

Happy Fatz’s owners write that they’ll continue to open pop-up shops in the Houston area. But they say they’ll be turning their attention to the Hill Country, opening a restaurant called Wildflour Artisan Bakery & Grill in Canyon Lake.

Photo: Kim W.

Out of the Dog House

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  • That neighboring property may be the ugliest $1.6 million house ever.

  • So, Happy Fatz was using a property that they didn’t own and didn’t lease for their patio and parking, and now the real owner wants to do something with the property they own, and so Happy Fatz is upset and wants to take their ball and go home? If HF wanted to use the property, they should have bought or leased it.

  • There is quite a long saga about saving the gas station and Happy Fatz using that property. It is not the case that they were just mooching off the adjacent property owner. And for all the effort that went into getting a demo permit on the old gas station, you would think the builder would spend an extra dollar or two for some decent architecture. Woof.

  • $1.6 for THAT monstrosity on a busy street with high traffic volume past 2AM? No Thanks – I can get much more for much less in a much better place.

    This “builder” must not be that bright.

  • That is an offensively bland design. I don’t think they’re even within half a million dollars of where they will need to be to offload it.

    Rest in Peace, Happy Fatz. You were too good for this world.

  • McMansion

  • Would be a nice bike ride to a good lunch.