Upper Kirby Ranch-to-Table Restaurant Lets You In on Permit-to-Sign Renovation Process

The new restaurant moving into the old Palazzo’s Trattoria space on Westheimer is 60 Degrees Mastercrafted, a “ranch to table” concept from Certified Master Chef Fritz Gitschner. In keeping with this culinary philosophy of full disclosure and transparency, 60 Degrees also seems intent to reveal the process of its own becoming. Says a post on its Facebook page: “We are looking forward to having you follow us along this amazing journey and watch the restaurant come to life!”

The first stop on this amazing journey? The Houston Permitting Center. Now, write that check . . .


Meanwhile, back at the buildout at 2300 Westheimer, you have to make sure your hard hats are all in a row:

Photos: 60 Degrees Mastercrafted

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  • I was thinking “why would anyone invest in this “doomed” restaurant location?” but instead I say “doomed, schmoomed”, who’s to say? Good Luck! Everyone said the location on Montrose where Canopy opened was jinxed, but look at her, she’s thriving.

  • I recall loving Armandos when it was on Kirby.

  • “From detroux:
    I recall loving Armandos when it was on Kirby.”

    Um, its still there…….

  • Is ranch to table Texas’ version of farm to table?

  • Texmex01: right you are! Good to see they’re back. Though I mispoke- I am recalling their original(?) location on Shepherd. They ‘upgraded’ from there to this Westheimer location and eventually disappeared.