Upstair Downstair in Fondren Southwest

Step proudly through the front door, then take it down a notch into the slightly sunken living room of this new listing in the Northbrook part of Fondren Southwest. A 1976-minted contemporary — updated in the interim — the home has an initial asking price of $179,000.

The home’s driveway curves off the cul-de-sac of a 10-home street. Behind the property, there’s a narrow easement beyond which lies the 4-pronged classroom wing of Eleanor Tinsley Elementary School, north of W. Bellfort Ave. near Bob White Dr.


The single-step-down living room — netting a smidge more headspace — has a fireplace with just a hint of mantle and hearth. Sections of its brickwork extend to the ceiling and at shin-height slide under a matched pair of built-ins. As with other front rooms, this one has ceramic tile floors and almost-full-height picture windows. The walk-in wet-bar service area steps back up from the seating side of the counter:

The kitchen has double ovens, a gas cooktop, and winter white cabinetry and countertops:

Natural lighting in the family room includes skylights and a wall of windows, plus a door to the back yard and wooden deck:

It’s a 4-bedroom home with 2 full bathrooms. Here’s the master suite, which also looks out over the deck:

The master bathroom has two vanities and a walk-in closet:

Bedrooms in this 2,579-sq.-ft. home all have the same new (neutral) carpeting:

The 7,696-sq.-ft. lot faces north, giving the deck a southern exposure. There’s also a lattice-covered hot tub area with a deck of its own:

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  • Looks very comfortable. More so than the apt we are in here in Australia. Much larger. And about 1/15th of the price tag too. How is the neighborhood?

  • I’m fairly certain I’ve set foot in this home before. If not this home, one in the same area similarly decorated.

    Details are fuzzy… But I was tagging along with a friend who was picking up or meeting with the owner’s daughter/granddaughter approximately 10 years ago.

    Ahhh, those early post-college years of drunken nights out and dates that still started with an awkward meeting of the parents.

  • Terrible area! I used to know a family who built new on that block in 1978 (I think). It cost $80K new construction back then when the area was up and coming. When the oil bust hit in ’86 all of those previously luxury apartments and townhouses that ringed the area went to hell and the entire neighborhood went full ghetto. The aforementioned family tried to sell in 1998 and were underwater. The best offer they got was somewhere in the realm of $70K, IIRC. One evening we were there BBQing and I remember the occasional gunshot ring out from W Bellfort.

  • Dang! After looking at the pictures again, it might be the same house. Hard to tell with the different furniture, but if it’s not the same, then it’s damn close – the layout is very similar.