Vegged-Out Sugar Land Tree House Has Its Roots Just off 59

Amid all the foliage inside 1118 Horseshoe Dr., the liveliest specimen is this vertical one; it rises from the rocky atrium by the front door all the way up to the skylight above the second-story railing. No word on the tree’s age, but the house went up in 1982 as part of the watery Sugar Lakes subdivision in Sugar Land. It’s now being shopped around at an asking price of $489,000.

An aerial view from up above the canopy shows the rooftop openings that facilitate photosynthesis:


In order to get inside, you’ll need to bushwhack your way through these outdoor plantings:

Once you’re in, the stairway neighbors the front hall:

No need to go far to reach the bar:

Compared to the rest of the ground floor, the living room is curiously deforested (aside from the hardwood):

Little bits of greenery peek out from most other vantage points:

Some of them indoors . . .

and some of them out:  

Like in the master bedroom‘s windows which offer a view of the patio: 

And in the attached bath:


The upstairs hallway accesses this decommissioned phone booth:

Along with the rest of the house’s 4 bedrooms:

Two of which connect Jack-and-Jill style:

And one of which sits at the end of the hall:

You can veg out yourself in the outdoor sauna:

It’s stationed out on the pool deck, surrounded by all kinds of other waterfront toys:

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