Waiting for a Galleria Whole Foods

WAITING FOR A GALLERIA WHOLE FOODS Has Whole Foods Market finally signed a lease for the store on Post Oak Blvd. near San Felipe that the developers of BLVD Place have been promising since 2007? Yesterday Whole Foods announced it had signed leases for new grocery stores averaging 37,500 sq. ft. in 12 cities, including Houston. Whether that means a new location near the Galleria or somewhere else in the city, it could still be a while before it opens: “These stores,” says the press release, “currently are scheduled to open in fiscal year 2014 and beyond.” [MarketWatch; previously on Swamplot] Rendering: Wulfe & Co. Update, 2:50 pm: The new store will be in Champions.

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  • Whole Foods signed the lease a few years ago, but the owners were waiting on funding before starting construction

  • with the closing of the Apache high rise on the Pavilion site, they now have the funding…

  • They announced on Facebook today they are opening a location in Champions.

  • The Whole Foods deal in BLVD Place is done. That phase of the project will be delivered to the tenants in the Summer of 2014. Store openings will be in the Fall of 2014.

  • I cant wait for the Galleria Whole Foods. Just think how damn expensive that place is gonna be. Can you say food inflation!