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  • Man, this place is a shithole.

  • Oh my. Click on the link from har.com for this place. It has been stripped down and ready to be put back together again. But it is drop dead gorgeous Victorian with tons of original elements in tact and in excellent condition. Could be absolutely stunning in the right hands.

  • Wow, this place could be amazing! ( note to Realtor: Your “witty” comments are not.)

  • Old School is right. Stunning Victorian on about four and a half acres on highway 36, about a mile from “downtown Wallis”, which is at the intersection of FM 1093 (better known as Westheimer when it gets to Houston) and TX 36, which goes north to hit Sealy at I-10.

    Love the house, but my preferences for rural land would lie more in the Piney Woods where there are more trees, say Crockett or Grapeland. This particular property is in the southern part of what TPWD calls the “Prairies and Lakes” region, which is mostly treeless.

  • Watch your back–it’s a poop attack!

  • Careful where you place those toilets during construction. I uprooted one and moved it to temporary storage in the corner of a back room. At Christmas, my visiting father-in-law came up to me and said, “Hey – that toilet doesn’t flush – something’s wrong with it.”

  • Has potential, with a lot of work. The wiring pictured can’t possibly be up to code. BTW I thought a widow’s walk (not ‘watch’) was a feature of coastal homes