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  • I know part of that building is going to be Benjy’s. In the same style as the West U location. 2 story, rooftop patio. I am THRILLED! The have an amazing happy hour. Dont know what else is going in there.. I live off Washington and am thrilled with the new changes.

  • I also heard it was a Benjy’s. I am pumped because I love going there, but I’m not a fan of driving to the village. Now I can enjoy the great atmosphere of Benjy’s close to home!

  • Da. Eet veel bee Benjy’s. I live a few blocks from there and look forward to the addition to our smorgasbord of wonderful restaurant row choices. One more place I can stagger home from.

  • Good to here it’s a Benjy’s. I like the idea of all these local restaurants opening second or third locations along Washington. I like the local restaurant fair.