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  • That a beautiful and relaxing scene, but even if you optimistically say the house is worth $200/sf, that’s over $11,000 an acre for the land, which seems awfully high to me. Though I could be wrong.

  • Super romantic photos for an old ranch house. It comes with 232 acres. Does it also come with cattle?

  • A 300+ acre ranch that happens to have some buildings on it. The house is irrelevant to the value of the land.

  • I would love me some acreage like that but much further northeast in the hillcountry. The trick to owning property like this is that you have to have independent income and this property is a mere retreat and not your job.

  • Damn the lack of edit feature, I meant NorthWest. It’s too early in the morning, before my 4th cup of coffee.