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  • Being sold as a tear-down, why bother with interior photos?

  • Chef, not only that but the interior shots have verbage where he’s “selling” the features of the house. Not sure why its listed a knock down. It’s a pretty cool place that seems to be talking up it’s home features.
    Amazing that lots are in the $100/SF range. A property we just bought only 3 miles away was about $30/SF to the dirt, and happens to have a big apt building on it. Rents in that place are as low as $450 for a big 1bd to about $700 for a 3 bed. Yet if it were just a FEW miles west the rents would be 2x as much.
    I know it’s all about location/location/location but it’s crazy what small changes in location will do.

  • Augh. What a location. Maybe 10 or 15 years from now I would have a legitimate chance of buying this house and saving it from becoming a “masterpiece” like the one two lots to the west. Or tearing it down and building a bungalow with room for a couple of cats and a couple of cars, and a nice big garden. Too bad.

  • Bizarrely, the listing has a photo that claims to be of Rice University, but it’s actually of Keble College at Oxford. I know it’s on University Boulevard, but that doesn’t seem to justify showing a photo of a random university.

  • I always liked the original West U brick homes. Neat curves and entrances. I think of them as hobbit homes. Another one bites the dust.

  • Ha, good catch Eric. That sure isn’t Rice!

  • Why tear this one down? Such a cool house.

  • I’m not sure what they mean by mock fireplaces. They look real to me. Chimneys and all