Westheimer Street Clock Stolen from Scott-Day Montrose Paint Store Over the Weekend

Scott-Day Paint & Supply Co., 216 Westheimer Rd., Avondale, Montrose, Houston

Scott-Day Paint & Supply Co., 216 Westheimer Rd., Avondale, Montrose, Houston

The hexagonal clock mounted above the front door of the former Cra-Bell Vacuum and Appliance Co. building at 216 Westheimer Rd. was stolen over the weekend. Derek Brotherton of Scott-Day Paint & Supply, the company that’s inhabited the building since 1963, tells Swamplot that he and coworkers noticed the disappearance this morning, and that they are “deeply upset over losing part of the character of the store.” Photos above show the clock in place (above, in an older image) and gone missing (at top, taken this morning). Brotherton says he believes the clock had been in its current position since the building was constructed in 1935 — or shortly thereafter. Back then, the street was named Hathaway; it now sits on the north side of Westheimer between Helena and Mason.


Scott-Day Paint & Supply Co., 216 Westheimer Rd., Avondale, Montrose, Houston

The clock had not been in working order for some time. But Brotherton tells Swamplot the store is about to do some interior remodeling, and was planning on working on the exterior after that, including the clock and the signage. The building is owned by Brotherton’s family.

Brotherton is asking anyone who has any information about the clock’s whereabouts or who witnessed anything pertaining to the removal of the clock to email him directly at this address.

Photos: Scott-Day Paint & Supply

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  • It was probably one of those new Montrosean “bros” who found that there were no cows to tip. Yeah, I said it.

  • perhaps it is TIME to install some security cameras.

  • @IP – I seriously doubt that it was a “dude-bro” cause they’re usually too drunk to climb anything that high without falling and ending up in a Tosh.0 video.

    However, if it really was that valuable, you’d think they’d have it attached a little more securely. People in my hood steal potted plants, so I set my two concrete urns in mortar. Problem solved.

    In this case, a little metal strapping with hex-head screws might have been enough to deter the theft. That’s how security works – you don’t have to make it 100% secure, just secure enough to make a thief think it’s not worth it. In theory, someone could steal my concrete urns, but it would take 5 minutes of actual work – and if thieves were in the business of working, they wouldn’t be out thieving.

  • First the election and now this. People really do suck.

  • Some “dude bros” must have just happened to be carrying a ladder in their truck (and some wire cutters) when they saw that clock and decided to steal it. More likely this was planned by some self-entitled “collector” who felt they deserved that clock more than the owners of the store and planned to steal it. Perhaps some local security cams might have caught the collector-criminals on video.

    I still wonder who stole the very large Rachel Hecker painting titled “Censorship” off the facade of the old Diverseworks building in 1993. That painting was extremely complicated to steal — it must have taken at least 3 people with a truck, a very tall ladder, and power tools to remove the multiple pieces of painted plywood that made up the painting.

  • Agree, if not a collector, someone who caters to them. Sad that it will end-up in someone’s “collection”, where it will probably not even be appreciated much after being exposed to the weather for so many years. The real value was derived from hanging on that storefront.

  • Probably a meth head scrapper.

  • I’m disappointed at these comments, why does it have to be some nefarious neer-do-good?
    Maybe it was a concerned and unhappy citizen who after years of frustration with a clock that was only right twice a day, removed it, is having it repaired and will replace it soon? I fully expect this to be returned on, or around Christmas in full working order.

  • Haha, good one Charlie. You might be on to something. If these folks werent so busy stealing clocks, they might have remembered to go vote. If they all had, I am sure election would have turned out differently!