What’s Been Happening at Marfreless, and When It’ll Reopen

Marfreless, 2006 Peden St., River Oaks Shopping Center, HoustonThe new owners of Marfreless have updated the website of the shuttered River Oaks Shopping Center bar to indicate that it plans on reopening in January. Which makes sense, since the previously promised summer 2013 re-launch date for the 2006 Peden St. location has come and gone. A comment appended back in December to a Facebook photo album showing renovations of the signless institution’s famed dimly lit interior provides an actual opening date: “probably” January 17th. What delights await inside? A unisex restroom with 2 stalls, chandeliers, plus new VIP areas carved out of what were previously storage rooms: “There will be curtains upstairs that you can pull closed for privacy or open for groups. Or . . . pull closed for groups, if that’s what you’re into.” The stairs, however, will still offer the “same place to hit your head.”

Photo: Marfreless

Behind the Blue Door

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  • “Curtains upstairs”…..oh no…

  • I’ve been lucky to see all the wonderful updatdes first hand and watch all the amazing changes. A LOT of hard work, time, and money has gone into the club. I can’t wait. The owners have been working really hard to perfect every detail