What’s Cooking at the End of Emerson St.’s Condo Row

At least one resident of 224 Emerson St. doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. “The model” — dubbed Francis by the homeowners  — “isn’t attached,” writes the listing agent, “but everything is negotiable.” His current kitchen counter hangout is tucked back on the ground floor of the condo — the furthest east of 6 on the block south of Hawthorne St. in Westmoreland — leaving the house’s more prominent spots available for other kinds of decor.

To get to the first one, head through the gate to the right of the garage door and step through the front door:


“Display your art here for guests to enjoy right away,” exclaims the 3-week old listing:

Or do as the current owners have done and save the pièce de résistance — Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement — for a more intimate location:

A 2-tone dining room sits right off the front hall . . .

and includes a sink-and-counter nook adjacent to the staircase:

The opposite end of the room lets out into the living area:

It’s glassed-in from a central pool:

At the the other end of this textured wall lies the master:

Here’s what it looks like in the dark:

The bathroom is just past the fireplace shown below:

It’s got all your standard features, plus a waterproof Monet in the shower, a bidet . . .

and a door out to the garden, home of real and fake vegetation (and rock):

Upstairs, the extra bedroom is currently bare:

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