What’s Next for Halliburton’s Empty Oak Park Campus on Bellaire?

WHAT’S NEXT FOR HALLIBURTON’S EMPTY OAK PARK CAMPUS ON BELLAIRE? A newly-formed group of real estate experts is now brainstorming ideas for Halliburton’s 48-acre former Oak Park campus at 10200 Bellaire Blvd., just west of Beltway 8. Included in the brain-trust: architecture firm HOK and landscape and planning firm SWA Group — as well as Hines and Transwestern, which will handle property management and leasing, respectively. They’ve all been called in by a private investment group that bought the complex over the summer and that’s headed up — reporter Ralph Bivins has said — by longtime Sharpstown land huckster Lawrence Wong. Halliburton employees began trickling out of their offices in the bow-tie-shaped 1979 building 3 years ago, leaving behind the amenities (a basketball court, daycare center, and auditorium) and adjacencies (a conference center and 5-story garage) that the new owner is now touting. Photo: LoopNet

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  • Wow. I just looked at the photos at loopnet.com. 17000sf fitness center. Full-service cafeteria. “Hurricane-proof”. Looks very nice.

  • good thing amazon wasn’t really considering Houston, this would have been a horrible fit for them.

  • It was pretty awful when I started working at Hallibuton, but they completely refinished it, including putting in a multi-million dollar computer center, when they moved us from City West to Oak Park. The facility was completely redone. They replaced the skylights, turning the core lobby from a dirt-tinted cave to a crystal palace. Lots of great meeting rooms. Really a great place to work.

    Except for the elevators. For some reason it still had the ’60s era elevators with wet-dog carpet on the walls and 50 year old graffiti carved into it. I guess they figured nobody but facilities would ever use them. That’s cosmetic though. Minor remodeling, but I don’t know why they left it off.

    Then 18 months later they moved everyone out. Laid off all the support people. Abandoned I don’t know how many millions of dollars of work. I hope whoever moves in appreciates it.

  • Was this site even a consideration?

  • I worked in this building back in the mid 90’s as a consulting contractor for Halliburton.

    The interior of this building was painful to be in. And the exterior is obviously brutal to look at.

    Implosion is the best recommendation I can make.

  • Demolition !