When Café Ginger’s New West Gray Shopping Center Square Corner Tower Spot Will Take Over from Its Current Round One

Café Ginger is already at work on its new outpost in its next West Gray St. shopping center corner, taking the places vacated by both Mama Fu’s and Verts Mediterranean Grill. The Chinese food and sushi restaurant arrived at its original and current spot at the eastern end of the northern half of the River Oaks Shopping Center 8 years ago, taking over from a restaurant whose addition to the center was marked by the tacking-on of a flying-saucer-like corner tower to the previously low-slung art deco center. At the new spot at 1574 West Gray, on the western end of River Oaks Plaza, the endcap corner tower is already in place — it was there when the center was constructed.

But inside, there’s more construction to do: As new signs on the doors announce, the new location is scheduled to open in March of next year. That’s the same month Weingarten Realty plans to hold the groundbreaking for the Driscoll tower — directly on top of Café Ginger’s current spot.

Photos: Margo (River Oaks Plaza); Katie Schon (River Oaks Shopping Center)

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  • I think they’ve been in that spot much longer than 8 yrs. I was going there in 2005 and I recall them being open a year or maybe two before I first went, after Chilis closed its doors. Long time customer, huge fan. Sorry to see them move, but looking forward to the new spot.

  • Brian maybe you’re thinking of Cafe Le Jadeite which was in that spot before Cafe Ginger if I recall correctly.